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Keep information about your schedule, meetings and special events always with you on a portable flash drive! Plan your day, manage your time, and schedule appointments quickly and easily with Calendarscope Portable Edition. Carry the program and all data with you on a flash memory drive! USB Sticks, U3 smart drives and smart cards are supported. No need to carry a laptop PC on your next trip! Take all plans and schedules with you on a tiny lightweight flash memory drive. Calendarscope Portable Edition does everything that the regular desktop edition, yet runs perfectly from a pocketable memory drive. The security of your data is guaranteed with strong encryption that protects your schedules from unauthorized access in case you lose the flash device. Manage special events easily with Calendarscope Portable Edition. Having a birthday party or a corporate picnic? Planning a vacation or a weekend? Schedule it ahead of time! Calendarscope Portable Edition lets you create single or recurring events with just a few clicks. Never forget about a special event with comprehensive reminders. A sudden change of plans? Adjust your schedule with a mouse by dragging and dropping an event to set new date, time or length. Tasks and appointments are just as easy to schedule and re-schedule as events. View all or selected scheduled tasks, include or exclude Active, Overdue and Completed assignments, and keep track of the tasks with and without deadlines. Assign different reminders to personal and work events, upcoming tasks and appointments. Calendarscope Portable Edition allows creating distinctive reminders with customizable fonts, colors and sounds to design an alarm that fits an event perfectly. Calendarscope Portable Edition can synchronize its clock with Atomic Time Servers, making your timing ultra-precise. Get organized with Calendarscope Portable Edition, and stay organized wherever you go with Calendarscope Portable Edition!

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